Activity of the Company
Activity of the “Comdragmetall of RS(Y)” is many-sided. 

“Comdragmetall of RS(Y)” activities include extraction and processing of diamond raw material, gold and also simultaneously with the scale projects connected with development and development россыпных of deposits of gold and diamonds, “Comdragmetall RS(Y)” carries out works on development of industrial activity directions new for Committee –development of deposit "Нежданинское"; tin mining; gathering of a tusk of the mammoth, a fossilized tree and their further processing; processings extracted in Yakutia камнецветного raw material.


Extraction of diamonds


The big work is done by Комдрагметаллом РС (Я) for  stabilization and development of diamond-mining branch. With this purpose, the Committee carried out support of the diamond-mining enterprises, giving them loans on favourable terms and carrying out preliminary advancing of extraction of diamond raw material.


Extraction of gold


Besides gold, Комдрагметалл РС (Я) also redeemed platinum from старательской artel "Инагли" working on the only thing in republic the reconnoitered platinum deposit.

Since 2006 the affiliated structure of Committee – Company “Granite” - has started working off the specified deposits.

To a word, today 8 gold mining joint ventures created with participation of State Unitary Enterprise “Comdragmetall of RS(Y)”, including: Joint-Stock Company “Айхал”, Joint-Stock Company “Пера”, Joint-Stock Company “Победа”, Joint-Stock Company “Сарылах-antimony”, Joint-Stock Company “Талынья”, Joint-Stock Company “Тарын”, Joint-Stock Company “Эрэл” work in the republic. Shares, owned by State Unitary Enterprise “Comdragmetall of RS(Y)” in the listed enterprises, make on 40 % of shares in authorized capitals, and the Committee has 51 % of  shares in Company “Granite”.


Development of deposit “Нежданинское”


Bacteriological clean mineral water is extracted from chinks by depth of 500 and 300 meters.  It is really unique, as it has the optimum balanced level of a mineralization and by own structure is close to soda carbonic waters such as "Боржоми" and "Набеглави".

Mineral water of the Company “КДМ-Нежданинское” has already met high approval of consumers. Flavouring and curative properties Нежданинской mineral water have been appreciated by taking place of 2006 at the All-Russia agroindustrial exhibition "Mellow autumn” in Moscow in October. At the exhibition, “Нежданинская” water has received a diploma and a gold medal. In a month another victory has followed. In November 2006, at 10-th International professional competition “the Best mineral water of year”, water “Нежданинская” has won a gold medal.


Tin Extraction


In 2005 the Committee entered in to the structure of the Company “Сахаолово” founders. “Comdragmetall of RS(Y)” share in the authorized capital of the society is 26,77%. “Comdragmetall of RS(Y)” allocated the loan in the amount at 80 million roubles to the “Сахаолово” Company for financing extraction and production of tin concentrates in 2006.


Gathering of mammoth tusks and their processing


One of new directions of work is involving of very rare natural raw material of a fossilized tree and a mammoth tusk in manufacture.

Open Company "Fauna" was  created by the Committee together with Society “Нижне-Ленское” in 2002. Its primary goal became gathering, processing and realization of the mammoth tusks and косторезных products.

“Comdragmetall of RS(Y)” via contract organization Open Company «Jewelry of Yakutia» also  carries out gathering of paleontologic rests of mammoth faunae and tusks of mammoths at coast of a gulf «Хромская губа» in Аллахиевском улусе.


Investment activity


Means obtained from realization of precious metals and jewels go on financing of the major tasks of our territory - construction of republican objects, participation in realization of the state target programs, by decisions  the Government of republic

Due to this, the powerful contribution has been brought in transformation of image of the republic. The largest social - significant objects such as the Yakut клинико-diagnostic center, a maternity home in the Pokrovsk town, the Complex of faculties of natural sciences ЯГУ, Financial and economic institute, the Higher school of music, the Sakha Academic theatre by the name  P.A. Ojunskogo, a complex of Industrial building of “Comdragmetall of RS(Y)”, a building of air terminal, library with a showroom in village Chapaevo Хангалаcского-улуса, a building of the National circus, the House of peoples of the North are constructed with direct participation “Comdragmetall of RS(Y)”  and others.




During its activity Comdragmetall supported centuries-old tradition of charity in Yakutia. Financial support appeared in spheres of culture, education, public health services, science and sports. Significant charitable help was rendered to preschool and general educational establishments, sports, public, scientific and religious organizations, the ministries and departments of the republic by the enterprise from own means.

For high schools and grammar schools of republic the computer equipment, sport tocks, motor transport, student's furniture and the educational-methodical literature has been purchased.

With support of the Committee  Богородская church in village Hatassy has been reconstructed, the Piously - Троицкая church in a village Chapaevo has been restored, a church in a settlement Handyga has been constructed. Now support of clergy proceeds. Now a construction of the Orthodox church in a Pokrovsk town is conducted, manufacturing a silver bowl (потира) for divine services in the Cathedral Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral of Russian Orthodox Church of the Yakut Diocese is financed.

The committee promoted trips of folklore ensembles to the international festivals, paid training of the republic sportsmen for participation in the Olympic games, financed carrying out of various competitions and the championships of republican and all-Russian level.

Contribution of the Comitee to the support of guardianship and patronage of arts is marked in the Gold book of patrons of art of Yakutia. Karl Innokentyevich Vasilyev, a general director of the State Unitary Enterprise “Комдрагметалл PC (Я)”, became a winner of the premium of the Republic President by name of I. I. Kraft for the contribution to development of library affair of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and also he was awarded by a breast badge “The Honourable trustee of education of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)».



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