About the Company

State Unitary Enterprise “Committee for precious metals and  gem stones of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)” is one the leading enterprises of the Republic and provides realizing important investment programs, directed on the social – economic development of the Republic and development of the diamond – cutting, gold-mining and jewelry industries.

The Committee made significant contribution in construction of dwellings, schools, clinics and reconstruction of the streets and capital squares of the Republic. Social – significant  objects such as The Medicine National Center, The  Faculties Complex of Natural Sciences of the Yakutsk State University, the Financial – economic Institute, a building of the airport and buildings for middle-special and high educational institutions were built at direct participation of “Comdragmetall of RS(Y)”.  

The Committee is a member of The Russian Diamond Chamber, a branch of which was opened in Yakutsk by the initiative of Comdragmetall. The Yalutsk chamber of the Russian Diamond Chamber carries out fundamental and applied researches in the Russian diamond  - brilliant complex.

The Committee has become a universal enterprise with versatile activity, united diamond – cutting production, gem stones processing, jewel and brilliant trading with foreign and Russian buyers, for last 15 years. 95% of brilliants are realized for export to Israel, Belgium and China. Comdragmetall is interested in the South – East of Asia which for the last time is causing big interest as a dynamically growing market.

The Committee has been a member of the Shanghai Stock Exchange of diamonds since 2003 and also has opened a branch “Sakha Diamond Shanghai Company Limited” in China. The branch is engaged in realization of briliiants in Hong Kong.          

State Unitary Enterprise “Committee for precious metals and  gem stones of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)” has created a ramified sale network of commercial representative, stable customer base and wholesale platforms in domestic market and abroad through Society with limited liability “Jewelry of Yakutia” with the purpose of development jeweller production. There are retail leweller shops in towns such as Yakutsk, Mirny, Udachny, Lensk, Neryungry, Nyurba and also jeweler shops have been opened in Habarovsk, Blagoveshenks, Novosibirsk, Krasnokamsk.       

г.Якутск, ул.Кирова, 12
тел.: +7 (4112) 482-504, 482-518
факс: +7 (4112) 34 31 64
e-mail: dragmet@sakhanet.ru